Sustainable Architecture in Vorarlberg

Energy Concepts and Construction Systems

Ulrich Dangel


Vorarlberg’s successful combination of a simple, yet sophisticated regional building style with sustainable construction methods has culminated in a model for architecture worldwide. This book presents particularly successful projects of various typologies from recent years and portrays their development from design idea to built detail. The documented structures by Cukrowicz Nachbaur, Christian Lenz, Oskar Leo Kaufmann + Albert Rüf, Hermann Kaufmann, Marte Marte, Martin Rauch, Dietrich Untertrifaller, Baumschlager Eberle, and others focus on innovative energy strategies and advanced construction techniques. All plan and detail drawings were specifically prepared for this book, allowing for easy comparison of the projects. The book is available in both English and German language editions.


176 pages, 300 illustrations, 200 in color, Hardcover
ISBN: 978-3-0346-0119-1 English
ISBN: 978-3-0346-0118-4 German
Birkhäuser Basel

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Sustainable Architecture in Vorarlberg, Glass and Dangel, architecture and Interior design
Nachhaltige Architektur in Vorarlberg, Glass and Dangel, architecture and Interior design