Socially Engaging Objects and Environments

Tamie Glass


Fueled by an increasingly interconnected world, the desire for engaging experiences plays a more critical role in design than ever before. This book offers a sampling of works that demonstrate psychosocial principles relative to the design of products, furnishings, and spaces, particularly at the scale of the interior. High- and low-tech interactive examples express timely and timeless concepts. The case studies range from a light switch to art installations and fully realized buildings with the goal of illustrating social and behavioral theories.


This publication is a human-centered design thought-starter. Specific design strategies are presented through a series of six chapters, each including examples that explore one of the following ways in which people engage with their surrounding environments: intuitive communication, sensory stimulation, harmonious integration, interactive transaction, spatial transformation, and challenging provocation. 


216 pages, Softcover
ISBN-13: 978-3035611939

ISBN-10: 3035611939

Birkhäuser Basel

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