Turning Point in Timber Construction

A New Economy

Ulrich Dangel


Faced with man-made climate change and the need to provide housing for a growing world population, society needs to rethink the way future buildings are made. Wood is a truly renewable building material that is unlimited in supply if its growth and harvest are sustainably managed. Recent technological advancements in engineering allow the use of timber for the construction of multi-story structures, turning our buildings into carbon sinks rather than becoming sources for CO2-emissions.

The book presents convincing arguments for the increased use of wood as an alternative to more fossil fuel intensive building materials, with the goal of demonstrating that an integrated approach can have the potential for positive impact on the environment, local economies, and the building culture at large.

192 pages, 150 illustrations, Softcover
ISBN: 978-3-0356-1025-3 English
ISBN: 978-3-0356-1027-7 German
Birkhäuser Basel

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